ATLAS is a non-profit that works with existing healthcare organizations to improve health in low-resource areas of Uganda.


Our story

There are countless organizations at work in Uganda.  Many clinics, schools, and community programs are helping to improve the lives of thousands upon thousands of people daily.  Between 2008 and 2013, ATLAS founder Dr. Lisa Umphrey MD worked as a pediatrician with some of these organizations while living in the rural Bududa, Manafwa and Mbale districts of eastern Uganda.  She developed a strong network of colleagues, both within the Ugandan districts as well as abroad through medical training institutions in the US, and a strong passion for improving the health of children and neonates throughout the region.

After leaving Uganda in 2013, Dr. Umphrey, along with a talented board of directors, created ATLAS International, Inc. in the hopes of continuing the work she began in 2008.  With our wonderful partners in Uganda, we have successfully continued a medical rotation program, projects to continue building the capacity of our partners, the development of innovative solutions to healthcare challenges in low-resource settings, and the continuation of collaborative programs to promote pediatric healthcare improvements and research.  


We at ATLAS aren't looking to reinvent the wheel or duplicate work already underway.  We have and will continue to support the efforts of our dedicated and passionate partners to sustainably improve the health of children in eastern Uganda.

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  • Provide and share information with partners, information that may be difficult for them to access given rural or remote settings.
  • Create collaborative research opportunities between partners.
  • As much as possible, turn to local resources for all aspects of operations.
  • Teach responsibility and ethical participation in international medical rotations.
  • Financially support chosen health centers while building their capacity towards financial independence.
  • Improve the skills and confidence of health workers at partner clinical sites, particularly for pediatric healthcare provision.
  • Seek to improve and maintain high standards of healthcare provision amongst all partner sites.
  • Gather and distribute medical supplies and donations that are expensive or difficult to find in Uganda.

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